I did a thing! I’m now an MMA – that is, I applied, and was advanced to Master Music Arranger (MMA) in Sweet Adelines International’s Arranger Certification Programme (ACP)

It’s been a very long road, and a worthy one. I started learning to arrange soon after coming into the barbershop world (omigosh, some 47 years ago…! how can this be?!) at the prompting of my first director, who was perhaps tired of me asking if our chorus could sing some more contemporary songs.

Since then, a lot of people have cheered me on, kicked my behind, encouraged and challenged me to continue to grow my skills and my understanding of our beloved style of a cappella. So many directors, quartets and choruses have placed their trust in me to help bring their musical visions to life. So many other arrangers have shone a light on my path forward – which has been, as such things often are, challenging, exciting, daunting, hair-tearingly frustrating, exhilarating, and very satisfying and rewarding.

I have so many thank yous to express, I cannot possibly say it all here, yet I will begin by sending my love and appreciation to my ever-supportive Canadian Maple Leaf Region 26, and to my heart-family Anne Downton and Westcoast Harmony Chorus. For their continued confidence in me through many years, my love and thanks to Brava quartet, Sandy Marron and Lions Gate Chorus, The Buzz quartet, Martini quartet, and Dale Syverson and The Rich-Tones Chorus. Enduring gratitude to the SA arrangers who first helped me find my feet: Bev Sellers and Norma Andersen, and the MMAs who taught and inspired me later: Carolyn Schmidt, Lynnell Diamond, and special love and thanks to Marge Bailey. Love forever to my first arranging crush…uhhh…idol, the one-and-only Renee Craig. Last but not least, thank you to Sweet Adelines International for many years of education and encouragement.

I am filled with gratitude, and so very pleased and proud to meet this moment.

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